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Race the Sun is an endless running video game developed and published by Flippfly and released on August 19, 2013 for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. In Race the Sun, the player controls a solar-powered spaceship, dodging various objects on the way such as laser beams, other ships and other stationary obstacles, while gathering pick ups that can be used in game, all while the sun slowly sets on the horizon. The game ends either when the player hits an object and the ship gets destroyed, or when the sun sets.
RaceTheSun.exe (15.4 MB)
level0 (10.9 MB)
level1 (3.8 MB)
level2 (911.3 KB)
level3 (21.4 MB)
level4 (8.1 MB)
level5 (4.3 MB)
mainData (479.7 KB)
AlienFXManagedWrapper3.5.dll (8.5 KB)
Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll (359.0 KB)
Assembly-CSharp.dll (966.5 KB)
Ionic.Zlib.dll (96.0 KB)
Mono.Security.dll (286.5 KB)
mscorlib.dll (2.4 MB)
Parse.Unity.dll (191.0 KB)
System.Core.dll (261.0 KB)
System.dll (1.0 MB)
System.Xml.dll (1.2 MB)
UnityEngine.Analytics.dll (38.0 KB)
UnityEngine.dll (770.5 KB)
UnityEngine.Networking.dll (170.0 KB)
UnityEngine.UI.dll (173.5 KB)
UnityEngine.xml (1.6 MB)
DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx (56.8 KB)
machine.config (16.9 KB)
Compat.browser (1.6 KB)
DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx (59.0 KB)
machine.config (27.0 KB)
settings.map (2.6 KB)
web.config (11.4 KB)
browscap.ini (304.7 KB)
config (1.7 KB)
config.xml (25.2 KB)
mono.dll (2.0 MB)
output_log.txt (7.1 KB)
CSteamworks.dll (123.5 KB)
OculusPlugin.dll (651.5 KB)
steam_api.dll (183.2 KB)
steam_api64.dll (203.4 KB)
resources.assets (5.3 MB)
unity default resources (2.7 MB)
unity_builtin_extra (497.4 KB)
sharedassets0.assets (27.3 MB)
sharedassets0.resource (14.6 MB)
sharedassets1.assets (4.7 KB)
sharedassets2.assets (4.7 KB)
sharedassets3.assets (4.5 KB)
sharedassets4.assets (4.6 KB)
sharedassets5.assets (4.6 KB)
sharedassets6.assets (4.3 KB)
diffusionDemo.png (346.8 KB)
PS4SessionImage.jpg (25.7 KB)
PSP2SessionImage.jpg (47.9 KB)
SaveIcon 1.png (17.3 KB)
SaveIcon.png (30.0 KB)
SaveIconEmpty 1.png (11.5 KB)
SaveIconEmpty.png (11.5 KB)
TweetUnity.png (24.6 KB)

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